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Featured Articles

Task Lights: Better Timeboxing with Lights

We use a stoplight: green-yellow-red light metaphor to help set the rhythm of a task. Simply having the light on is a strong and constant environmental cue that you have a task that you need to complete. The current color helps you be aware of your state. Green: getting started. Yellow: need to really work. Red: wrap it up…

Programmer, Interrupted

I’m writing this post in an apt state: low-sleep, busy, disorientated, and interrupted. I try all the remedies: Pomodoro, working in coffee shops, headphones, and avoiding work until being distraction free in the late night. But it is only so long before interruption finds a way to pierce my protective bubble…

Scientists Begin Looking at Programmers' Brains: The Neuroscience of Programming

Scientists are finding that there may be a deeper connection between programming languages and other languages then previously thought. Brain-imaging techniques, such as fMRI allow scientists to compare and contrast different cognitive tasks…

Software Engineering: The Next 50 Years

TL;DR This post will speculate on possible directions and the challenges faced by the research and software engineering community that needs to start now in order to be relevant tomorrow. Read on for brains, massive engineering, and potty-training your programs…

Current Research Areas

Social Ecosystems

Examines how mediums such as Stack Overflow, Github, and PythonTutor enable a crowd of developers to more effectively learn, collobrate, and create software. Understand barriers and bias in online communities.

Automation Lab

Examines how software organizations can automate software engineering processes. Bots. Build tools that can analyze, refactor, test, deploy, and monitor complex software, automatically.

Examines productivity, cognitive processes, and futuristic programming environments that is faciliated by natural interactions, including gestures, bio-sensing, and more...


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  • Investigation of the Effects of Mental Fatigue on Programming Tasks Saurabh Sarkar. Master Thesis, 2015.
  • HappyFace: Identifying and Predicting Frustrating Learning Obstacles at Scale Ian Drosos. Master Thesis, 2017.